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Join Us As A Tulsa Premier Contractor

When you become a member of our premier marketing group, you take advantage of hundreds of top tiered local contractors coming together as a team to pull together all the resources to become one unstoppable group at a very low monthly rate.

If you have ever priced TV advertising, radio advertising, billboard, or any other kind of print ad, they can be extremely expensive but when you pull together as a group and divide these costs among hundreds of contractors, the costs get very, very affordable. This is exactly what we have done. We are much more powerful together than alone.

Tulsa Premier Contractors is a group of the top 5 local contractors in each respective category. We drive high quality customers right to your website. Sound simple? It is.

However, we are much more than a lead generating website. Since we are all local companies, we hold occasional network meetings so that we all get to know one another and become like a bank of brothers. After all, we all like to refer our friends and that’s what we all become. We not only take pride in sending you leads, but we also save you money. Each member is encouraged to offer other members a discount to encourage using members within our group.   We also have a list of associate members that offer special discounts to our members only.

Here are some of the products and services we can save you money on:

Printing discounts

Website building and SEO

Auto repair and maintenance

Auto body repair

Wealth Management and IRA planning

Computer Repair and IT services

Magazine Advertising

Vehicle Wraps and graphics

Many more discounts to come

These are just some of the areas we can save you money on. In most cases the savings you can develop will more than offset the cost of membership. Where else can you get a kind of multi-media marketing campaign with leads sent right to your website and also save a lot of money on products and services you already buy for about the same cost of your daily Starbucks coffee? Don’t hesitate any longer. Call us at (918) 215-9956 or send us an email and we will get back to you to get you started today.